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Project #3 Movie Poster, Second

I completed my first movie poster in a day, so I decided to do another one. I picked this movie because i just watched it… Frankie and Alice is a drama and I made it into a Horror. I took a picture of Halle Berry for the movie Frankie & Alice and a picture of her from Gothika, split both pictures and added them together. matched up the lips, nose and eyes. From the pic on the left her eye was looking to the left, so i removed it, took a eye from another pic of Halle Berry and placed it in it’s place to look forward. I change the pic on the right by using hue and saturation to make it look more scary, horror. I use the liquify tool to give the words, & alice and Three is DEADLY a horror look as well.


The movie I picked was the comedy, Brides Maids and change it into a Drama. I the the original picture from the poster, change the color of their dresses. I search the internet for other pictures of the actors and picked a more serious look for Drama. Use the magnetic tool and traced the images out of the photo and place at top of poster, and feather at 3 to 5%. A slight highlight behind image. Gave a tag line that says, “Don’t play us cheap… You have to pay to play”… added a Vegas pic, faded in the background, money falling down and a Vegas back drop also at the bottom.

In-Class adjustments

2 layers, the bottom layer, I used curve to make it darker, and the top layer i erase the dog, to make it stand out.

 After ..

In photoshop, image, adjustments, replace color… use eye dropper on the part of the pictur you want to change the color. Then use the levels, hue/saturation, to change to the color/shade you want.

 Before replacing colors


After Retouch

The tutorial I use for my retouching was, (Christy Schuler)

I use different layers in bluring the skin, adding pores… It’s a Cool tutorial. I love it!


Before Retouch

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